L.I.D.A. (Laalou Industries Domestic Appliances) was founded in Aleppo – Syria in 1991 and evolved in the production to become their new production line accompanied by the best art technology in collaboration with the finest and biggest Japanese companies and the Swiss and Italian, according to the latest specifications international standard in the world of production of household appliances.

L.I.D.A. followed the modern programs to meet and satisfy all requirements of the growing customer and work to complete the development of unique in terms of production quality, delivery and after sales service.

L.I.D.A., which is one of the largest companies in Syria, has a long history in manufacturing domestic appliances such as different types of (fridges, freezers, microwave ovens, fans and water dispensers). The company is currently building a new factory area of capacity 1 piece every 20 seconds.

The management has done its best to enhance and promote its local attained due to the L.I.D.A. co. eminent position that has been achieved by making remarkable economic prices and by a high level of production in addition to finding the principle of partnership and participation in the field of sales. We also have a long history of manufacturing various types of household fridges and freezers, microwave ovens, fans and water dispensers.

L.I.D.A. has developed its external relations of the import and export with the sisterly Arab countries because the company’s main goal is excellence and to become a one of top producers and suppliers of household items of all kinds of different bands on the local and global levels alike.

L.I.D.A. produces the following brands:

Al-Arabi, Dream House, Manzel Al-Ahlam and Esting.